Deepening our walk with Jesus and to multiply, disciple, equip and deploy this next generation into His disciple-making movement.

$6,000,000 GOAL
$4,015,243 PLEDGED
$2,040,177 STILL NEEDED


Over the past year, our Elders engaged in a season of intense prayer and dialogue. The focus of their patient journey was to discern the Spirit’s leading for the future of our disciple-making movement.

After months of prayer, discussion, and spiritual insight, our elders issued five challenging objectives for the next five years as to how we, as a body, can: further our mission, deepen our walk with Jesus, and better disciple and equip this next generation for His disciple-making movement.

A key obstacle is that our building is out of balance. We have adequate gathering space, but we do not have the disciple-making space needed to intentionally increase the ways we support families, train adults to invest in children, share the Gospel with at-risk youth, and equip the next generation.

Discover your part, your place, in this movement of where we believe He is taking us, how the physical investment of the initiative breaks down, and ways you can invest relationally, pray and contribute to the process.

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The Five Initiatives

After months of prayer, discussion, and spiritual insight, our elders issued five challenging objectives for the next five years to further our mission.

  1. Multiply the ways we equip and support families in discipling their children by expanding counseling, groups, training and resources.
  2. Multiply the number of adults who are investing in young lives through disciple-making relationships.
  3. Multiply our space to invite and engage the next generation into our corporate life and disciple-making movement.
  4. Multiply the number of young people we are empowering, equipping, and deploying as partners and disciplemakers.
  5. Multiply the efforts of our disciple-making community to share the Gospel among at-risk children and youth, both locally and globally.

Our children, students and young adults are under a spiritual assault like no other time in history. Each year the percentage of young people who are becoming Christ followers in our nation is declining. Many churches are growing older instead of younger because we are failing to effectively reach and disciple this next generation. We believe God is calling us to counter this threat. The Surge Initiative is our response—it is our five-year church-wide initiative to multiply the resources we are investing in reaching, equipping, and deploying young people as partners with us in this disciple-making movement.

The Surge Initiative will actually enhance our disciple-making and multiplication priorities in two signi cant ways. First, it will increase our disciple-making space for children and students through a one-time 6 million dollar construction project (funded through special giving and limited borrowing, if necessary). Second, it will strengthen and multiply disciple-making and multiplication ministries for children, students and their families through an increase to our annual disciple-making budget over the next five years from 1.8 million to 2.8 million. This will increase our capacity to reach, equip and deploy the next generation of disciple-makers.

This is not a reversal of our desire to remain debt free. Our goal is to remain debt free except when borrowing on a limited basis is crucial to accomplishing our disciple-making mission. If it becomes necessary to partially fund the Surge Initiative by borrowing, it will be as little as possible for as short as possible. Our culture of gospel-centered teaching and a call to multiply has created a unique opportunity to reach, equip and deploy more young people than we could have ever imagined. We desire to be good stewards of this incredible opportunity with which God has entrusted us. Ultimately, we are praying and laboring toward our desired goal to pay for the project in full by the time of its completion.

Adding additional services will not address our imbalance challenges during peak Sunday AM service times. Sunday morning will remain a prime time for families to bring their children and students into our disciple-making ministries regardless of what other service times we offer. This proposal will double our disciple-making space for children and students during peak times. The Surge Initiative will meet both our current needs and future projections.

The Surge Initiative ensures that your investment and legacy of Gospel-Centered truth, worship, and service lives on in the next generation. We would not be where we are today without you. This initiative protects and enhances the faith legacy of our older generation and will provide expanded opportunities to spiritually invest in our younger generation. The additional space for our children and students will allow the 600 rooms to be fully utilized once again for training, equipping and adult disciple-making.

This five-year initiative will begin in January 2018. The projected time-frame for the completion of the construction project will be within the first three years. These estimates are all contingent on numerous factors.

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Oasis (Corporate Prayer)
Come join us at Oasis (Corporate Prayer) as we pray for staff, members of the body and the Surge Initiative. For more information on time and location, contact Dell Morgan at

Prayer Guide
We are dedicating ourselves to seek the Lord daily, prayerfully connecting our hearts to His heart for the Surge Initiative. Collectively, we are asking for His Spirit to lead each of us toward a clear understanding of the offering and/or pledge we are called to make toward the construction portion of this initiative.

We encourage you to pray through the guide daily, trusting God to lead you faithfully; we believe prayer is our most effective means for increasing our heart’s capacity for generosity. The following prayers are designed to prepare your heart for this season of generosity.

PRAYER 1: “Father, I ask you to lead me closer to your heart. I want to discover more of your grace, more of your joy, more of your love. I want to give bountifully, cheerfully, and faithfully, not because of religious duty, but as a result of being more deeply rooted in the generosity of your heart. I want to excel in the grace of giving.”

PRAYER 2: “Father, I ask that you show me what ‘sowing bountifully’ would look like in my life. Specifically, I want to understand what part of my income and financial resources have been entrusted to me for the Surge building projects. I am asking you to give me clarity and peace as I seek to give a joyous and generous offering.”

PRAYER 3: “Father, I thank you for being so gracious, so trustworthy, so generous. Thank you for taking my simple offerings and using them to reap eternal Kingdom results. And thank you, Father, for allowing me to partner with you and with my Fellowship family in making an eternal investment in the spiritual lives of the younger generations in our church, community, and world.

Only one of the five initiatives pertains to expanding our disciple-making space for our younger generation. The other four objectives are centered around serving, strengthening, equipping and employing more disciple-makers locally and globally. Would you help us think outside the box to achieve these other four objectives in new and innovative ways over the next five years? Contact Kristi at to participate in a brainstorming focus group. Your ideas can impact our disciple-making movement.

  • Generosity Series: A Flood of Grace

    January 14, 2018

    This is His disciple-making movement. This is our disciple-making moment. May we become a faithful flood of grace to our thirsty world. Watch the series here

  • Architect Announced

    December 2017

    See their work and learn more about Studio Four Design here.

  • “Construction Portion” Vote Passed

    November 18, 2017

    Our members passed the construction portion vote of The Surge Initiative by 96%.

  • Initiative Presented to Leadership Community

    September 24, 2017